About Us


I first began my event-planning journey at the early age of 5.  My birthday was coming up and everything my mom had planned just wasn’t quite right, so I took it upon myself to throw the most perfect birthday I could imagine.  I opened up my Oriental Trading book and began ferociously circling every Hawaiian themed item the book had.  (This being a June issue for a June birthday basically meant that I just circled the entire book.)  However I eventually, with the help of my very patient mom, narrowed all my choices down and finally had the Hawaiian luau I had been envisioning.

Fast forwarding through many years of birthdays for myself and my younger sister (she really had no choice in the matter, she was the youngest and I always “knew” what she wanted) I found myself in college realizing for the first time this hobby that I had been doing for years could actually be my career.  So I studied and worked hard and finally graduated in 2013 with a BS in Restaurant Hospitality and Meetings Management.

My career as an event coordinator has given me the opportunity to work across many industries and plan numerous events. These events have ranged from large 600 person corporate events and award shows to small 40 person fundraisers. My initial background in events focused on small corporate events and weddings but it has been very fun and enlightening to transition into large corporate events that focus on shock and awe. Ultimately it's important to know that no matter what size of the event or amount of guests you may have, I pride myself on giving 110% and producing the highest quality event I can.

A few more interesting facts about myself: I was born and raised in Alabama, I am a huge University of Alabama fan (ROLL TIDE!), I have been living in San Diego since 2014, I love fashion, design, and music, and absolutely anything that can make me laugh.

Now enough about me, let me get to know you!

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