Happily Ever After, Made for the Movies
How To: Incorporate your favorite movie into your wedding

Recreate the magic of your favorite movie in your wedding! Yes, you heard us… why not incorporate your love for all things Disney, or your hopeless romantic flick, into your special day?! Your wedding should be a true representation of who you and your fiancé are and that should definitely include your mutual love for the cinema! Whether you’re drawn to Disney or glamour, there are many ways to incorporate the things you love about any movie while still creating the tasteful event you have been dreaming of.
To help you get inspired, we have chosen a few of our favorite movies and we’re sharing with you how we envision them coming to life!



Photo Via Modern Wedding Blog - http://modernweddingblog.com

Photo via Modern Wedding Blog

Venue: This modern day Rapunzel is filled with beautiful colors and gorgeous nature scenes. They may be animated in the movie, but that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate it! This theme calls for an outdoor venue, with lots of greenery, vines, and colored flowers.

Florals: This may be the most important element to include for a Tangled inspired wedding! Like Rapunzel, the bride and bridal party can weave flowers into their hair or even follow the new trend and wear flower crowns! Centerpieces and bouquets can be filled with bright flowers in purples, pinks, oranges, and yellows, to mimic that in the movie and for the real kicker, you can incorporate the magic flower by adding some yellow lilies with gold and purple glitter sprinkled in the center!

Photo via Disney Girl Dreams - http://disneygirldreams.tumblr.com/post/71703034863/kelseyfitzherbert-magic-golden-cupcake-my

Photo via Disney Girl Dreams 

Photo via Hiar and Makeup by Steph - http://blog.hairandmakeupbysteph.com/2015/10/sydnee.html

Photo via Hair and Makeup by Steph 

Grand Exit: Finally, recreate the beautiful paper lantern release with your guests for your grand exit. Instead of throwing flowers or rice why not have everyone grab a lantern and release them as you run to your car for your truly magical getaway! It’ll be a fun activity for all your guest and is sure to be a beautiful sight to see. You can even use the song “I See the Light”, to tie everything together!

Photo via Today's Bride - http://blog.todaysbride.com/2014/05/19/chinese-lantern-releases-take-to-the-sky/

Photo via Today's Bride 

Photo via Wedding Exits - https://weddingexits.com/products/sky-lanterns?utm_campaign=Pinterest%20Buy%20Button&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Pinterest&utm_content=pinterest-buy-button-1d179ea00-611a-4388-a3ba-0027e5fc0eba

Photo via Wedding Exits



Photo via Disney Everyday - http://www.disneyeveryday.com/disney-up-inspired-wedding-at-walt-disney-world-resort/#sthash.iVhS9jn5.qjtu

Photo via Disney Everyday

Venue: This theme would not be complete without a beautiful home as its backdrop! You can easily tie in the importance of the Fredrickson home by booking a historic house or estate to be the focal point for your ceremony or reception.

Photo via Southern Oaks Pantation - http://southernoaksplantation.com

Photo via Southern Oaks Plantation

Florals: Ditch the traditional floral arrangements and trade them in for bouquets of colorful balloons! You can add them subtly, with only a few bunches around the room, or make them a main piece by using a balloon arch during your ceremony or as part of the centerpieces during the reception.  You can even join the trend and incorporate oversized balloons or lettered balloons as your table numbers for your guest’s tables! Overall, balloons are an easy way to add a pop of color anywhere and will definitely get the theme across to your guest. 

Photo via Notely -  http://www.notey.com/@moncheribridals_unofficial/external/11380930/50-awesome-balloon-wedding-ideas.html?utm_content=bufferc298f&utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_campaign=buffer

Photo via Notely 

Photo via Avery House Photography - http://galleries.averyhouse.net

Photo via Avery House Photography 

Decor: An UP! themed wedding wouldn’t be complete without adding the small vintage touches throughout your ceremony and reception. With old fashioned suitcases, cameras, and bottles, you can create adorable table decorations or unique focal points. Other ideas are, adding globes, compasses, and postcards to add to the “adventure” feel that Up! has.

Photo via Modern Wedding Blog - http://modernweddingblog.com

Photo via Modern Wedding Blog

Small Touches: For a fun addition, you can use the Adventure Book from the movie as a guest book, and have a “Paradise Falls” jar on the guest table to collect cards. You could also use the postcard idea above for your guest’s escort cards!

Photo via Ready Luck - http://readyluck.com

Photo via Ready Luck


The Great Gatsby

Photo Via  VP Onsale Wedding http://www.vponsalewedding.co.uk/wedding-trends-the-great-gatsby-inspired-wedding-ideas/

Photo via VP Onsale Wedding 

If animation isn’t your style, spice up your wedding with the 1920’s glamour featured in The Great Gatsby!

Venue: We can’t help but dream of a historic hotel ballroom or private estate for a true Gatsby theme! Nothing will scream high class glamour more than a decked out chandelier ballroom or elegant house with a breathtaking foyer!

Florals: Obviously fresh flowers will add a lot to incorporating this theme but we can’t forget to add in signature feathers and pearls that are staples for the 20’s era! Also, by adding feather centerpieces instead of flowers you are sure to help cut down on your floral costs!

Photo via VP Onsale Weddings - http://www.vponsalewedding.co.uk/wedding-trends-the-great-gatsby-inspired-wedding-ideas/

Photo via VP Onsale Weddings

Decor: When focusing on the decor you can’t forget the signature colors; white, maroon, black, and especially gold! Adding lots of gold, glitter, and sequins will give your wedding the luxurious feel and over-the-top glam that a great Gatsby wedding deserves!

Small Touches: Bring the party to life with some roaring twenties jazz music, or keep it modern with songs from the newest version of Gatsby, like “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody.” Lastly, keep the party flowing with a champagne tower which can serve as a sparkling decoration until toast time OR you can have your champagne actually work as your guests escort cards for a fun interactive way of finding their seats!

Photo via Style Me Pretty - http://www.stylemepretty.com/vault/gallery/14513

Photo via Style Me Pretty

Photo via 100 Layer Cake - http://www.100layercake.com/blog/2015/05/15/organic-black-white-wedding-inspiration-wedding-florals/

Photo via 100 Layer Cake


The inspirations above are only a few movie ideas, but as you can see, anything is possible! Don’t be afraid to create your own wedding based on your favorite movie, because with a little thought and effort, you can bring the magic of any movie to life to kick-off your own happily-ever-after.

Written and Designed By: Jordyn Corrington


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